Monday, August 20, 2012

Something new! from Matthew Keys the deputy social media editor at Reuters:

Another use of Twitter: not first-hand observed journalism but a combination of secondary observation and curation: Reuters' Matthew Keys distributes what he identifies as the highlights of a TV interview in Tweeted bursts.


Rep. Akin says he did research, found that facts didn't match study he thought about during TV interview.

Sean Hannity to Rep. Akin: "Democrats now have a ton of ammunition."

Sean Hannity to Rep. Akin: "I'm a Christian, so I believe in forgiveness."

Rep. Akin on Hannity's radio program: "People will understand when you tell them, look I'm not perfect. It's possible to make mistakes."

Sean Hannity to Rep. Akin: "I believe in accepting people's apologies. The left doesn't accept them though."

Sean Hannity to Rep. Akin: "Sometimes an election is bigger than one person."

Rep. Akin on Hannity's radio program: "I've just run a very tough primary race in the state of Missouri"

JUST IN -- Rep. Akin on Hannity's radio program: "I'm announcing today that we're going to stay in"

Rep. Akin on Hannity's radio program: "When I was running for this race, I never told anybody I was perfect."

Rep. Akin on Hannity's radio program: "I had heard one time a medical report that said it's harder to get pregnant under those conditions."

Friday, August 3, 2012

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How do people use Twitter? Aug. 2 discussion & update

Two items were discussed last evening.

1. Does the use of Twitter to post witty quotes/comment on plot while a user is watching a film count as part of INPUT #5 (Blather) or does it deserve a separate item number?

For now, GTEX moderators have decided that it should be 5 b) intelligent blather.

This may be upgraded to something--creation of cultural content?--in future if observations warrant.

2. Mathew Ingram @mathewi posted the following observation on Aug 2:

it's remarkable how similar Instagram pics are regardless of city or country: food, faces, animals, the sky:

which will be worked into the list as soon as a suitable category heading is found.