Friday, November 2, 2012

Two observations on a Friday night: when all the best Tweeting happens [unless there is a monster storm]. Twitter builds physical community? during & after Sandy; @shawnmicallef shows once again that he is the Tom Eliot of the digital age

I saw two things in my Twitter feed today that I decided merit mention.

1. @TheMatthewKeys wrote:

I wrote: Both heartwarming and simultaneously deeply ironic. Up there with 's "little campfire of Twitter posts" in his hands:

Also: So interesting how for years the Internet transcended geography to create virtual communities and now Twitter is doing the opposite.

People including write about how Twitter has helped build REAL "meet the neighbours" communities during & in wake of Sandy.

2. Shawn Micallef @shawnmicallef writes poetry.
Maybe not T.S. Eliot; maybe Jack Kerouac.
Or some combination of the two.

Here, in reverse order; i.e. in the order in which he Tweeted (paragraphs are mine KN):

The bored looks of the Ossington-Dovercourt Dundas Corridor. 
They are so bored. 
They are out but Friday bored. 
They twiddle their hair.

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