Thursday, October 25, 2012

If Rick Mercer had written for Winston Churchill: Andrew Coyne Tweet Rant for the Edification of All

On the night of October 25, National Post columnist Andrew Coyne let loose with a tweeted rant about transfer payments.

On Twitter, I commented that this read as if Rick Mercer had written a speech for Winston Churchill.

I have a vision of Churchill striding or marching around some Churchillian street--wide boulevards with waves breaking on a barbed wired-beach in the background--rather than graffiti-painted alleyways. I have not yet come up with a suitable setting for @acoyne.

Yet I decided this use of Twitter is different from what I have observed and documented to date. The transfer payment Tweets struck me as deserving their own category.

They are not reportage--or breaking news--or coverage/description of a talk show or interview being conducted by another person--and nor are they, like Noreen Flanagan's column, Coyne's next column divided into 140-character bursts (although I will check this to make sure that it's not the case, and report back if it is).

Instead,  they read like a 15-Tweet piece of political poetry.

I will upload the Tweets: they will be in reverse order, as they appeared on Twitter.

Note: this content is the property of Andrew Coyne.


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